Weld-Ed Online Course

Weld Quality and Inspection, Welding Codes, Specifications and Safety


The course "Weld Quality and Inspection, Welding Codes, Specifications and Safety," developed by Weld-ED, the National Center for Welding Education and Training, is designated for the professional development of welding educators teaching secondary and post-secondary welding programs. 

The course "Weld Quality and Inspection, Welding Codes, Specifications and Safety" is made up of 6 lessons and it covers the topics of the weld quality and inspection, the codes and specifications and the welding safety.

  • The first three lessons describe the weld quality characteristics, discontinuities in welds and the detection methods, as well as the acceptance criteria for each method. The working document for this part is the "Inspection" clause of the code AWS D1.1- Structural steel.
  • Lesson 4, Lesson 5 and the first section of Lesson 6 cover the welding codes and specifications, emphasizing the qualification and certification of the welding procedure (WPS and PQR), the welder performance (WPQR) and the welding inspector qualification and certification. The working documents on this part are the "Qualification" clause of AWS D1.1 as well as the AWS QC1 and AWS B5.1 standards for qualification and certification of welding inspectors.
  • Lesson 6 describes the general safety practices applied to the welding and cutting processes.    

Course Competencies/ Outcomes

  • Explain weld quality and discontinuities, and define the relationship between weld discontinuities, mechanical properties and tests. 
  • Describe the principles, materials, equipment, procedures and acceptance criteria for weld quality inspection with non-destructive and destructive methods.
  • List the welding standards, codes and specifications with focused attention on AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code-Steel, "Inspection" and "Qualification" clauses.
  • Explain the steps for qualification of welding procedure (WPS, PQR), welder performance (WPQR), and the qualification and certification of welding inspectors (CAWI/ CWI/ SCWI).
  • Describe the welding safety practices and safety standards.
  • Apply integrated topics of the course to establish the welding procedure specification (WPS) for a specific application.
  • Establish the procedure and the tests for welder performance qualification for a specific application.

Course Content

Week 1 Lesson: Weld Quality and Discontinuities in Arc Welded Joints

Week 2 Lesson: Discontinuities in Resistance, Solid State Welds and Brazed Joints, and Weld Quality Inspection Methods (I)

Week 3 Lesson: Weld Quality Inspection Methods (II) and Mechanical Testing of Welds

Week 4 Lesson: Welding Codes and Specifications

Week 5 Lesson:  Qualification and Certification of Welding Procedure Specifications and Welder Performance

Week 6 Lesson: Qualification and Certification of Welding Inspectors and Welding Safety